November 02, 2014

November 02, 2014
For most of us who have been using Joomla 1.5 till 2.5, we are still facing the same old school issues of duplicated meta descriptions and title tags as reported in our Google Webmaster tools. As we're already used to this tools, I believed most of us can't sit comfortably as the duplication rate increases with every new pages that we created.

In general and as default, almost all Joomla user especially from the beginner (I'm at this level =)) to intermediate knowledge will experienced this kind of issue. We thought that it was nothing to be alarmed off until you started to feel uneasy on the rising amount of duplicate meta and title in your Google Webmaster report. Not until I watched videos on Matt comments (watch the videos below) on how Google use our meta description and keywords that I start to prioritise the importance of eliminating or reducing the duplication rate.

In this article, we are not going to install anything, just a little hard works. This has been done on my website and the result is satisfactory as the number or duplicate meta reduced from 50 (urrgh,) to 10. Another advice worth mentioned here is that, sometimes the duplicate meta description is caused by 'old link's from your internal pages that still pointed to 'old url' or the duplicate links (I'll explained it in the next post).

Global Configuration

Meta description and keywords should be empty. Leave it blank as mentioned in Joomla documentation. If you haven't read the document, you should better read sometimes.

Hard works Parts

Now, everytime you create a new page, you will need to create a unique meta description and keywords related to each pages. Most user will ignore this part but try to make a good habit of practicing this method. The option to add specific meta description to every pages is located in your article manager at the right side.

Regardless the techniques on how to improve our page ranking, here's some video worth our attention on the topic of whether Google use our meta keywords in search ranking and emphasize the use of 'unique' description by Matt Cutts.

Regarding the use of meta description

Regarding the use of meta keywords


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