November 09, 2014

November 09, 2014
Adaptivetheme is a powerful theme framework designed from the ground up to power modern, cross browser/cross device websites using responsive design techniques. Adaptivetheme allows you to set up specific layouts for different device groups - such as desktop, tablet and smartphone - all with zero coding. Its all easy point-and-click configuration.

If you are using Panels try the Browscap CTools module to control the visibility of panel panes in mobile devices or Browscap Block to do the same thing with normal blocks.

Panels, Display Suite and Gpanels are fully supported with many options for displaying panel type layouts in mobile.

Adaptivetheme is blindingly fast - it employs extensive use of drupal_static and other caching techniques to speed up page rendering and delivery. If you're not fast you're last, right?

Adaptivetheme is built around these basic concepts:

  1. Responsive design
  2. Pluggable layout system
  3. HTML5
  4. WGAC 2.0 Accessibility
To download the theme Click Here

For Documentation Click Here


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