August 27, 2014

August 27, 2014
Sometimes on our localbox [wamp : localhost] we found that when enabled css aggregation and javascript aggregation then we cannot able to access our admin area and user login area. I mean we cannot able to access the site because we enabled css aggregation. Now you cannot access the admin area and you cannot even login so what to do.
You have to disable your css aggregation from database using your phpmyadmin. Follow the below steps:
  1. Open phpmyadmin and select the database which is used by the drupal instance.
  2. Select the "variables" table.
  3. Search for "preprocess_css" in name field.
  4. Change the variable value to s:1:"0";
  5. And you are done.

So this is the way you can disable your css aggregation with the use of phpmyadmin. If you want to disable javascript aggregation, you have to follow the same steps and you have to search for "preprocess_js" in "variables" table in step 3. That's it!
If you have any tips like this let share here in comments.


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