March 31, 2014

9:54 am
In this article, we are going to discuss about How to display the Twitter Feeds in Drupal Block. By using this, we can display that Twitter feed anywhere in the site. There are many different Twitter options out there but most have a couple of limitations. The limitations are below

  1. They post tweets as nodes rather than in a block.
  2. If they post to a block, they require very complex setups normally involving creating Views.

We are going to create much simpler way to show tweets in a block on your site. Twitter Block Drupal module is used to display the twitter feeds in our site.

Step 1 : Installing Twitterblock module

  1. Click Here to download the Twitter block module.
  2. Extract the files into a folder on your desktop. The folder will be called "twitterblock".
  3. Login to your site's files via FTP and navigate to /sites/default/. If there isn't a folder called /modules/ here, create one.
  4. Upload the "twitterblock" folder to /sites/default/modules/
  5. Go to Administrator >> Modules. Check the box in-front of the "Twitter Block" and click Save Configuration button at the bottom of the page.

Step 2 : Placing the Twitter Feed in a Block

  1. Go to Administrator >> Structure >> Blocks. Scroll down to find Twitter Block.
  2. Click "Configure" next to the block and enter your Twitter username and password:

Click "Save Block", publish the block and check to see how it looks on your site. Twitter feeds will display on the site.


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