January 08, 2014

January 08, 2014
In this article, we are going to discuss about How to optimize the Magento shop for search engines (SEO). For all sites we need to optimize for search engines. So that search engines will crawl our website ad show it in the search results.

Magento is the popular search engine friendly E-Commerce platforms. To optimize the magento shop, follow the below steps.

Step 1 : 

Log in to your Magento backend and navigate to "System->Configuration->Web->Search Engine Optimization" and set "Use Web Server Rewrites" to "Yes".

Step 2 :

In the "Url Options" section, set "Add Store Code to Urls" to "No", and "Redirect to Base URL if requested URL doesn't match it" to "Yes"

Step 3 :

Magento header settings - Go to "System->Configuration->Design->HTML Head" and do not forget to populate the content for the following fields:

  • Default Title
  • Title Prefix
  • Title Suffix
  • Default Description
  • Default Keywords
  • Default Robots
  • Logo Image Alt (in header section)
  • Welcome Text

These are easy configuration you could say. And you are right, but the importance of these steps are very important when it comes to SEO optimization.


  1. Pay Per Click Management (SEO) not only promotes your website, it also increases its visibility. Search engine optimisation is important if you want your web presence to be solid. In case you have missed the opportunity to optimise your website, it’s about time you should. Once your website is optimised, you will enjoy the manifold benefits of SEO.