July 10, 2013

9:35 am
In this tutorial we are going to discuss about How to upload multiple images at a time in Drupal. By default, in Drupal we can able to upload images one by one. By using PLUpload module, we can upload multiple images at a time with progress bar in Drupal.

Default File upload methos in Drupal:

By default we can upload multiple images one by one. When we create a default image field, simply set the "Number of values" to more than 1 to upload multiple images. However it is difficult to use. To upload images we need to follow the below steps.

  1. Select an image
  2. Click Upload
  3. Wait for a new file upload area to appear
  4. Select an image
  5. Click Upload
  6. Wait for a new file upload area to appear
  7. Repeat until done ...

Now, we are going to see how to accomplish the multiple file upload in Drupla with PLUpload.

Modules and Files need to be install :

Install and enable these two modules:
We'll now to need to upload the files for Plupload.

  • Extract the files that you just downloaded. You'll get a folder called /plupload/
  • Browse to the /sites/all/ folder in your Drupal site
  • If you don't have a /libraries/ folder here, create one
  • Upload the /plupload/ folder into your /libraries/ folder

Create a new field :

  • Go to Structure > Content types > Manage fields
  • Choose Image and then choose Plupload as the widget
  • All of the settings will be identical to a normal image field
  • Finish creating the field
  • Go to Content > Add content and create a new content item
  • You'll see a multiple file upload area as in the image below
  • To upload images, you can either drag files into the marked space or you can click Add

  • Add all the images you want to upload
  • Click Upload

  • You'll see a small progress bar:
  • You'll see thumbnails of the images:


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