November 22, 2012

November 22, 2012
In this article, I'm going to explain about How to Install and configure Symfony 2 framework on Linux Ubuntu operating system. Here I have explained step by step procedure to install and configure Symfony 2 framework on linux ubuntu operating system.

Step 1:

The below are required to run symfony framework on linux ubuntu operating system.
  • PHP 5.3.2
  • Apache Webserver.
  • MySql Database.
  • Sqllite 3 needs to be enabled.
  • JSON needs to be enabled
  • ctype needs to be enabled
  • Your PHP.ini needs to have the date.timezone setting
Step 2:

Download the Symfony framework from and place the tgz folder inside your web root, i.e, /var/www/

Step 3:

Extracts the contents of the folder and rename the folder like "my_symfony_project"

Step 4:

After placing the code, go to http://localhost/my_symfony_project/web/config.php to check whether everything is working fine or not.

Step 5:

Go to http://localhost/my_symfony_project/web/config.php to access your Symfony framework project welcome page. You will see screen like below once you have successfully installed Symfony2 instance.

Now, Symfony2 instance is up and running in your local machine. Drop comments if you have difficuly in setting up instance.